Before looking at the leading options in the world of crib mattresses, it’s important to understand what a buyer needs to consider before choose the best crib mattress. Industry experts have broken down the intricacies of this purchase and what buyers should assess before spending money on a purchase of this magnitude.

Here are the key factors to look for:


BreathabilityThe fabric should be breathable otherwise it is going to harm the child’s ability to rest. Modern day mattresses take this into account but in the past toxic plastics were a real concern for children.

Look for how the fabric is made and whether or not it includes air holes.

The best mattress will always include air holes that let the child breathe without having issues as they roll over. This is pertinent with younger children and should be accounted for while making a choice. If the air holes aren’t present, it is best to keep looking for other options as it will not perform as desired.

Another reason to look for a breathable crib mattress has to do with sweating. A child will start to heat up during the night, and this can lead to significant discomfort. Anything that will hamper their sleep is a major “no-no” and has to be avoided at all costs. This is why the fabric should always be breathable, and if it is not, you have to start considering other options as the buyer.

ComfortDon’t settle for a crib mattress that lacks air holes or isn’t breathable. In this regard, organic crib mattresses are an ideal fit.


The next requirement for buyers is to look at overall comfort, and this extends beyond breathability. Not only should the fabric be breathable, but the crib mattress should also remain soft to the touch under a child.

With newborn babies, this might be lower on the list of requirements because they’re heavy sleepers. In fact, they would be able to sleep on hardwood floor if it was the only place they could rest.

crib-mattressHowever, with older children that start entering into their toddler years, it is pertinent to start thinking about comfort as you would with a regular mattress for adults. A crib mattress shouldn’t be excessively firm as that is going to feel uncomfortable and isn’t going to please the toddler one bit. Look for something that is balanced because a “soft” solution won’t suffice either.

The most important thing to consider is transitioning. If the toddler can transition from one side to the other on their own, you are looking at a comfortable crib mattress that is worth considering.

Anything that hampers movement or is going to create general discomfort has to be avoided at all costs according to industry experts. It’s not only uncomfortable but unsafe as well.


While buying, you will want to test out the firmness of a mattress to see how it feels to the touch.

The premise of firmness is to make sure the child is getting to rest on a solid surface that won’t hinder their health in any way. This is similar to comfort, but there is a new wrinkle to what you are looking at this stage.

With firmness, you are testing the support because SIDS or “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” is a real concern. To ensure this is not a worry for you, the right crib mattress will put you at ease in the long-term. This is an essential purchase for this reason, and overall support is a primary requirement.

There are several factors you’re going to need to look at while testing support. You want to check for overheating and how easy it is for a child to lay face first on the crib mattress. If it is common, you will know the crib mattress is unsafe and the wrong option for your needs.

Take this seriously as it is a major concern in the industry and one a bad crib mattress might cause trouble with in the long-run.

Foam or Spring

Foam or SpringThe next question buyers will have while standing in the store or shopping online is the material.

What are you going to choose? Are you going with foam or spring with the mattress? Adults might have specific requirements for their mattresses but what about the average crib mattress?

With foam, you are looking at cushy or squishy surfaces that are made out of polyurethane. These will range in thickness, but it’s recommended to stay within the six inches range. These mattresses are also devoid of edge support meaning the edge can fold inwards causing harm to the child. It is important to consider this while looking at foam as an option. Foam also tends to provide minimal support unless it is organic or certified foam. General polyurethane is going to be extra cushy, which is harmful to a child due to SIDS.

With spring mattresses, you are looking at firmer mattresses that are harder to the touch. These mattresses are also equipped with built-in edge support to ensure the child doesn’t roll and isn’t going to get caught up in a folded mattress. With spring mattresses, you are going to notice the material provides exceptional support because it’s made for equal distribution.

This is an important part of the decision and it is best to weigh both options before deciding which material to go with as a buyer.

Simplicity of Cleaning

How easily does the crib mattress clean when it’s time for a wash? Babies make a mess, and that’s natural, but it’s important to find a crib mattress that doesn’t cause issues while cleaning.

The simplicity of cleaning one’s crib mattress is critical.

The simplicity of cleaning one's crib mattress is critical.This means the top layer should be removable so it can be tossed into the washing machine. It shouldn’t fray as soon as it is washed. If it does, this could lead to general wear and tear that is unappealing.

Paying attention to how easy it is to clean will always matter and is important to look at.

Consider all of these factors while choosing a crib mattress. Yes, it is not an easy process, and there are many hurdles in making a selection, but this should act as a viable checklist while pondering over different options.

If the potential crib mattress checks all of these boxes, you will know it is a good fit and is well worth the money being spent on it. Take your time with the selection and know it is an important one for you and the child that will be resting on it daily.

Reviews of Crib Mattresses

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams

Features To Note

* Made From Thermo-Bonded Foam

* Non-Organic Material

* Waterproof Mattress

* Weighs 8 Pounds

* Dimensions Are 5.5 x 27.5 x 52.5 Inches

* Does Not Come With Dual Sides

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams is a unique crib mattress and among the leaders in this industry. Its hypoallergenic cover is wonderfully soft to the touch and is certified under the Greenguard Gold certification.

Its thermo-bonded foam provides a comprehensive material for the crib mattress and ensures its built to last. Those who are looking for a long-term investment will enjoy this plus point with Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams.

The crib mattress has substantial dimensions that are easy to adjust to, and it provides excellent edge support. The child’s safety is taken into consideration making it a real winner in the eyes of those who want ideal support at all times.

What about the cons then?

The only place this mattress tends to disappoint would be heating. It does not have appropriate heating control, which means it will lead to sweating and general discomfort over time.

In the end, it is a good solution that’s waterproof, comfortable, and durable all rolled into one robust package. The edge support and cleanliness of the mattress make it a popular option for buyers to consider.

Simmons Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy Whispers

Simmons Beautyrest Beginnings Sleepy WhispersFeatures To Note

* Provides Waterproof Surface

* Comes With Dual Sided Surface

* Non-Organic Surface With Springs

* Weighs 19.4 Pounds

* Comes With Limited Lifetime Warranty

* Dimensions Are 6 x 27.5 x 52 Inches

The Simmons Sleepy Whispers crib mattress is a stable option to consider with its robust spring base and dual-sided surface. It comes with two certifications with the Greenguard Gold certification and CertiPUR-US certification alleviating all safety concerns. The manufacturer has spent time with the design, and this can be seen through its comprehensive air holes for breathability, and reliable luxury pocketed coils.

The surface is water-resistant and is easy to clean while it remains stable for the sleeping child. If the edges are a concern, this does an excellent job of providing resolute support for the child at all times during the night.

This is a great option for all ages because it has been designed for long-term use. Whether it is a newborn baby or a toddler, this crib mattress is ready to hold the weight and provide an excellent sleeping surface.

What about the cons?

There are a few of them even if this is a robust crib mattress. The disadvantages include the limited lifetime warranty that’s not as efficient as other options on the market and its heavier weight.

For most these aren’t a problem making it a world-class crib mattress.

Naturepedic No-Compromises Organic Innerspring

Features To Note

Naturepedic No-Compromises Organic Innerspring* Organic Material

* Comes With Innerspring Setup

* Waterproof Material

* Provides Dual-Sided Setup

* Weighs Around 30 Pounds

* Comes With Lifetime Warranty

* Dimensions Are 6 x 27.8 x 52 Inches

The charm of Naturepedic is its attention to detail, and that begins with the lack of odor. It is scentless, and that is ideal for a sleeping baby. You are looking at a dual-sided mattress that is comfortable from both angles and delivers tremendous support. A child will be able to rest comfortably and transition as required without getting caught due to the edges.

Not only is it seamless but the distribution of support is equal from all angles. This ensures the child can roll around without getting into trouble.

The mattress is easy to clean and is built to last for those who worry about durability. The material is tested heavily and passes the test every single time.

As for the cons, it is heavier in weight and might be the heaviest on the market right now or close to the top. It is also one of the more expensive options and might be a bit high for those on a budget.

In the end, you are looking at a world-class crib mattress that has been made with a high level of care. If it fits your budget, this is a great buy.

“My First Mattress” Memory Foam Mattress

My First MattressFeatures To Note

* CertiPUR-US Certified

* Come With Memory Foam

* Non-Organic Material

* Weighs 11.9 Pounds

* Does Not Come With Dual Sides

* Waterproof Material

* Dimensions Are 5 x 27.2 x 51.6 inches

The final addition to this list would be “My First Mattress, ” and it is a quality one. This is a certified mattress that is comfortable to the touch and is equipped with a fair amount of air holes for comprehensive breathability. The crib mattress is lightweight making it an easy addition to the setup without causing long-term wearing. This crib mattress is also affordable.

It’s easy to wash and provides exceptional support when it comes to the edges.

As for the cons, this mattress can be slightly firm for babies who prefer a softer surface. It is safe but some may find it hard.

Overall, this is an exceptionally well-designed crib mattress that has been made with care. If it is soft enough for the baby, it is a good purchase that is seamless in its design.

Concluding Thoughts

These are the best crib mattresses according to sleep experts who have studied each option.

It’s important to find the right fit by going through the buyer’s guide and weighing each option down to the last detail. If you do this, the purchase will be an easy one to make.