T his website is here primarily to share knowledge with readers. The information that can be found here is concerning the importance of sleep, rest, quality mattresses and other related issues. Whether you have a question about the sleep importance, sleep therapy, or simply what kind of a mattress or crib mattress you should have in your home, feel free to read this website in order to find out more about this matter. My personal goal would be to answer any of the questions you may have about your sleep issues and any related issues. I will also try to raise awareness of the following:

The Importance Of Quality Sleep

Anyone, no matter what they do, deserves to unwind at night. During the night when we sleep, our bodies recuperate and regenerate. This is the time when our brains have the opportunity to store all our experiences in the long term memory, and when our muscles and body relax and rest. Providing yourself the opportunity to get a good night’s rest is not just important, it is crucial for your health and your mood. We all know how sometimes people can get up grumpy after an agonizing night of bad sleep – do not let your sleep habits get in the way of a healthy lifestyle and a happy life.

Quality Sleep Comes With Quality Mattresses

If you are interested in sleeping better, you might want to reconsider that mattress you are sleeping on. In many cases, the faulty, dated and low-quality mattress is actually to blame for a lousy night you have spent tossing and turning in bed. So I will write about what you need to find when looking for a quality mattress. Also, quality sleep mattresses should be used for both adults and children and crib mattresses are often of the lowest quality, but that is a topic that should be covered in an article soon enough.

Stress And Sleep Relation

Sleep and stress are closely connected. Low-quality rest will definitely result in stress and we can also resolve any stress issues if we provide ourselves with quality sleep and rest period. If you are eager to learn more about how you can improve your sleep quality in order to get rid of stress in your life, you should read subscribe to this website in order to find out more about the said issues.

Health Issues In Mattress Production

Unfortunately, there are many health hazards and issues that affect mattress production. I am very passionate about this very delicate subject because the lack of information on this topic may very well endanger the health of your family. Mattress production should be improved, and if you would like to learn how you can help, you will be able to do just that by informing yourself more about this subject on my webpage.

Age And Mattress Importance

The right mattress is important for babies, as much as it is for adults. No matter how young or old you are, the right mattress is a definite must. If you are wondering about what kind of mattress would be ideal for different types of people regarding their age, physical conditions and lifestyles – read my web magazine!

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Merlie Tracey


About Me – Dr. Merlie Tracey

I am Merlie Tracey, a certified sleep specialist with a lot of experience and a professional background in psychology. Upon having graduated from the UCLA, I decided to take my career as a psychologist to a different level and expanded by learning more about sleep therapy. Working with patients from all walks of life, soon I have realized how important sleep actually was for normal functioning.

As ever, passionate to help people overcome their fears and sleep better, in 2002 I joined Sleep Advisor family where I first became the HR officer advisor, only to become the main spoke person and main lecturer on the subject of sleep importance just a couple of months later. I still take pride in working with my patients in my private office, but I also take time to advocate healthy sleep and give series of lectures with Sleep Advisor company about the connection between stress, sleep and of course mental health and stability.

As for my other interests, they include: psychology, behavioral therapy and sleep analysis, dream analysis, stress effects on health and sleep, as well as hiking, gardening and keeping my dream journal. In my free time I like to go for long walks in the nature with my husband and our two dogs.